Advocacy for Open Government: Civil society agenda-setting and monitoring of country action plans

July 19, 2013

Dates: 12/2012 to 11/2016

Partners: Institute for Democracy and Mediation (Albania), Analitika Center for Social Research (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Riinvest Institute for Development Research (Kosovo), Center for Research and Policy Making (Macedonia), Center for Democracy and Human Rights (Montenegro), the Monitoring Center CEMI (Montenegro), and Center for Euro-Atlantic Studies (Serbia)

Advocacy for Open Government is an EU-funded project to encourage governments in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia to become more transparent.

Project objective
Through a common methodology addressing a common framework for open government, the project will include expert training of civil society in the methodology for shaping Open Governance Partnership (OGP) commitments country by country, training of civil society organisations based in advocacy, monitoring, and policy analysis. The project will monitor the impact of government polices, and will develop commitments for governments to make under the OGP Initiative. A mapping of government policy and capacity will be carried out for all six countries, with a view to developing policy-relevant country action plans advocating open government and integrity to address the five challenges around which the OGP commitments are structured. The project will draw on experience from new EU members, critique commitments, and draw up advocacy plans for monitoring achievements in open government.

Project partners attend a TACSO conference in Belgrade

Expected project outcomes 

• Clear action plans and commitments under the OGP initiative, and legislation and reforms of procedures in line with the acquis communautaire. This will be achieved through advocacy and engagement with governments to make government more efficient and more transparent. It will include legislation and procedures on freedom of information, data protection, public procurement, procedures for dealing with public inquiries about information.

• Improved professional standards of handling and processing data in public institutions, including codes of conduct concerning both privacy and open governance – for public officials, politicians, and the private sector.

• The lessons learned and successes in each country (combined with news and social media dissemination) will be evaluated continuously to enable replication in the other countries where appropriate.

Project activities
1. Mapping of government policies in 5 OGP areas: improving public services; increasing public integrity; more effectively managing public resources; creating safer communities; increasing corporate accountability. Output: clear stakeholder and context analysis, and comparative assessment of challenges in terms of open governance in each policy area for each country.

Representatives from Riinvest, Analitika and CRPM attend a conference in Belgrade

2. Opinion poll on trust in government.

3. Needs analysis of CSO capacity to monitor implementation, and CSO environment, e.g. legal framework and access to policymakers.

4. Development of methodology for designing commitments and action plans, monitoring implementation, and setting advocacy goals.

5. Launch project websites (common website and six country websites)

6. Public debates and meetings with government officials to design/critique OGP commitments, and country action plans

7. Training on building CSO capacity in each country; finalise advocacy plans to promote commitments and monitor implementation.

8. Monitor implementation, and conduct advocacy with country reports: public debates, campaigns.

9. Final opinion poll on trust in government.

10. Final partners’ meeting (location to be determined by DG Enlargement), including evaluation of project and plans for follow-up, continued monitoring country-by-country.





Riinvest polling shows big jump in Kosovars’ trust in EULEX

October 21, 2014

The percentage of Kosovars who say they trust the European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo jumped sharply over the last year, according to a poll conducted by the Riivest Institute for a PASOS project on open government. Read More

Data as Potential: Towards Open Data Policies in BiH

July 2, 2014

The numerous advantages of opening public data – economic development and innovation, improvement of transparency and efficiency of public institutions – should be reason enough for public institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina to invest more effort in this realm and to develop comprehensive policies for opening up data, according to this Center for Social Research Analitika policy brief. Read More


Towards Proactive Transparency in Bosnia and Herzegovina

June 25, 2014

The legal framework on freedom of access to information in Bosnia and Herzegovina should include provisions on proactive disclosure of information held by public institutions, according to this Center for Social Research Analitika policy brief. Read more

Why BiH Should Join the Open Government Partnership

June 16, 2014

Bosnia and Herzegovina should join the Open Government Partnership to help overcome pervasive mistrust of public institutions, according to this Center for Social Research Analitika policy brief. Read More


 Experts, civil society, officials gather at OGP Sarajevo conference

June 16, 2014

More than 70 open government experts, civil society actors and officials from the Western Balkans gathered in Sarajevo June 9 for a conference held in partnership with a PASOS project that seeks to make governments in the region more transparent. Read More


Serbian officials pledge to adopt CEAS open government recommendations

May 7, 2014

Serbian authorities working on the country’s Action Plan for the Open Government Initiative have promised to incorporate into the document recommendations made by the Center for Euro-Atlantic Studies and other Serbian NGOs. Read More


CRPM campaign raises civil society participation on OGP

April 18, 2014

A Center for Research and Policymaking campaign to raise awareness of the Open Government Partnership in the Macedonian civil-society community has resulted in a marked increase in participation by the sector on the country’s work toward adopting open government principles. Read More


IDM calls on Albanian government to increase civil society input on Open Government

April 15, 2014

Albania needs to consider more of the recommendations made by those working on making Albania’s government more transparent, according to an Institute of Democracy and Mediation analysis of the country’s OGP Action Plan. Read More


PASOS project delivers Open Government recommendations to Albanian government (+video)

April 1, 2014

Albanian officials working on the country’s Action Plan for open government should provide a public consultation timeline ahead of an May 7 deadline to the plan to the Open Government Partnership, according to a set of recommendations drafted and presented at a PASOS project conference held in Tirana March 28. Read More


PASOS poll: Citizens of six Balkan countries identify political parties as least trusted institutions

February 14, 2014

Citizens of six Balkan countries say that political parties are the least trusted institutions in their respective countries, according to the results of surveys conducted for a PASOS project. Read More

Riinvest report: Kosovo eligible to join Open Government Partnership

December 9, 2013

Kosovo is eligible to join the Open Government Partnership, according to a mapping study prepared by the Riinvest Institute as part of a PASOS project on governmental transparency in the Western Balkans. Read More

 Albanian OGP coalition announced at IDM conference

December 6, 2013

A group of Albanian civil society groups working to support the Open Government Partnership in Albania announced at a December 5 Institute for Democracy and Mediation conference the creation of a new coalition to support the effort. Read More


CRPM poll: 63 percent of Macedonians mistrust the judicial system

December 4, 2013

About 63 percent of Macedonians say they do not trust their country’s judiciary, making it the least trustworthy governmental institution in Macedonia, according to the results of a poll commissioned by the Center for Research and Policy Making. Read More


IDM report: Albanian officials, citizens uninformed about open goverment

October 29, 2013

Goverment officials and the public in Albania lack awareness and understanding of open government intitiatives, according to an Institute for Democracy and Mediation study conducted as part of a PASOS project. Read More


Emerging Democracies: OGP as a Driver for Reform

October 25, 2013

PASOS Executive Director Jeff Lovitt will be a moderator at this October 31 session, part of the Open Government Partnership Annual Summit in London. Read More


MEP: Reforming judiciary must be priority for open government efforts (+video)

October 25, 2013

Reforming the judicial system should be the top priority of those advocating for more transparent governments, according to a former Romanian Justice Minster who spoke at PASOS’ annual international conference in Brussels October 17. Read More


PASOS project poll reveals deep mistrust of Serbian government

October 1, 2013

Sixty-four percent of Serbians do not trust their government, according to a poll conducted as part of a PASOS project on open government. Read More


1/10/13      Bosnia and Herzegovina: Odnos javnosti prema principima Partnerstva za otvorenu vlast u BiH (in Bosnian)

1/10/13:     Serbia: Mapping of Open Government Partnership in South East Europe (CEAS)

15/07/13:  Croatia: political transition provides a window of opportunity

10/06/13:  ERC prepares to monitor OGP progress in Azerbaijan


12/03/13:  The ‘P’ in Open Governance Partnership (CEAS)

11/03/13:  Presentation of the Advocacy for Open Government project

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30/01/13:  Regional Project: Advocacy for Open Government (CEDEM)

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Project Materials:
Monitoring and advocating open government partnership commitments in the Western Balkans: Generic methodology

PDF file with details about the project and partners

PowerPoint presented at IPA Civil Society projects kick-off meeting
Brussels, 21 January 2013

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