Advocacy for Open Government grant awarded to BiH NGO supporting whistleblowers

August 26, 2016

aogAided by the award of a PASOS grant, an NGO in Bosnia and Herzegovina has launched a program to support the efforts of those who expose official corruption.

The Center for Civil Society Development in Bosnia and Herzegovina (CRCD-BiH) was awarded a 1,850 Euro grant for their project “The situation in implementation of the rule on internal reporting of corruption and protection of whistleblowers in the institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

The grant was made as part of  Advocacy for Open Government, an EU-funded PASOS project to encourage governments in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia to become more transparent.

The Analitika Center for Social Research, a PASOS member in Kosovo that is a partner in Advocacy for Open Government, oversaw the grant process that resulted in the award to CRCD-BiH.

CRCD-BiH is analyzing and monitoring how well  the country’s whistleblower-protection plan is working and will issue a report  and recommendations on how to improve implementation of the law. The NGO will also offer free legal support to whistleblowers during the term of the project, which runs through Ooctober 2016.

In addition, the group is creating educational materials for state employees better understand how the whistleblower law is supposed to function. The project will close with a public roundtable discussion on the topic.

“It is responsibility and obligation of government institutions to provide effective protection of whistleblowers, which is guaranteed by law,” CRCD-BiH said. “But also civil society has an equally important role to advocate for protection those who step forward to protect public interest.”

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