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PASOS, partners release two new policy briefsPASOS, partners release two new policy briefs

January 21, 2013

Two new PASOS policy briefs focus on developments on the topics of visa-free travel in Europe and the possibility of EU enlargement in the Western Balkans. The papers were were written as part of the PASOS project “Open Government, Deeper Democracy.”

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PASOS publishes guide to influencing EU policyPASOS publishes guide to influencing EU policy

February 27, 2012

“The Right Approach to Europe. An Advocacy Handbook for Civil Society: Understanding and Influencing EU Policymaking” is the newest publication released by PASOS, as part of the Understanding and Influencing EU Policymaking project. The 112-page publication, released January 30, is primarily targeted at think-tanks and other policy-focused civil society organisations or networks.

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PASOS releases booklets on ethics, quality standardsPASOS releases booklets on ethics, quality standards

December 6, 2011

PASOS has published two guidebooks for think-tanks, one a code of good governance and one based on a set of principles for ensuring quality control over policy work. “Thinking Ethically” and “How to win respect and influence policymakers” were released at the annual PASOS members assembly in Warsaw November 26.

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PASOS releases 4 policy briefs at annual conferencePASOS releases 4 policy briefs at annual conference

November 28, 2011

Four new PASOS policy briefs were released at “Democracy, Partnership, Enlargement – Challenges for Europe, Challenges for the Polish EU Presidency”, the network’s annual policymakers/think-tanks conference 25 November. The papers address such diverse topics as new media, visa liberalisation, the revolutions in North Africa, and the European neighbourhood.

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Democracy's New ChampionsDemocracy’s New Champions

November 4, 2008

A ground-breaking new PASOS study by four leading Central European think-tanks into the democracy assistance policies, spending, and geographical priorities ofthe Visegrad Four countries, Democracy’s New Champions provides an analysis of the record of four of Europe’s new democracies in sharing their transition experience to promote democracy abroad and in keeping democracy promotion on the European political agenda.

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