European Council on Foreign Relations becomes PASOS’s 40th member

June 30, 2009

News Source: PASOS Secretariat, Prague, Czech Republic , European Council on Foreign Relations, London, United Kingdom

ECFR, with offices in London, Berlin, Madrid, Paris and Sofia, broadens the engagement of the PASOS membership at the EU level

The European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR), launched in October 2007 to conduct research and promote informed debate across Europe on the development of coherent and effective values-based foreign policy, became the newest member of PASOS (Policy Association for an Open Society) upon the approval of the PASOS Board of Directors on 26 June 2009.

The PASOS network now includes 40 independent think-tanks (36 full members and four associate members), spanning 25 countries, and in practice more countries as some members, such as ECFR, have offices in additional countries. ECFR, based in London, UK, has offices in Sofia, Madrid, Paris and Berlin as well. The offices are intended to serve as platforms for research, debate, advocacy and communications.

ECFR’s research work is organised around four programmes: Institutions, Money and Power, Russia and Wider Europe, Asia, and Democracy, Human Rights and Justice.

The links between ECFR and PASOS were already growing, and Nicu Popescu, ECFR policy fellow, is a member of the PASOS Board of Directors. Nicu’s research focus at ECFR is on the European Neighbourhood Policy, secessionist conflicts in the post-Soviet space, EU-Russia relations, Moldova and the South Caucasus.

ECFR has also brought together a distinguished pan-European Council of over one hundred Members – politicians, decision makers, thinkers and business people from the EU’s member states and candidate countries – which meets twice a year as a full body. The Council is chaired by Martti Ahtisaari, Joschka Fischer and Mabel van Oranje.

ECFR is backed by the Soros Foundations Network, the Spanish foundation FRIDE (La Fundación para las Relaciones Internacionales y el Diálogo Exterior), Sigrid Rausing, the Bulgarian Communitas Foundation, and the Italian UniCredit group. ECFR works in partnership with other organisations but does not make grants to individuals or institutions.

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