EUROPEUM launches V4-themed publication

July 11, 2012

News Source: EUROPEUM Institute for European Studies, Czech Republic

The EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy has launched the V4 Revue, a webzine reflecting the ideas, society and politics of the four Central European countries in the Visegrad group.

“The V4 Revue provides timely, thoughtful and entertaining analysis on the issues that make the region unique,” said Lucia Najšlová, the webzine’s editor-in-chief. “Our writers are among the top experts in their respective fields on Visegrad 4 topics. They include think-tank analysts, academics, filmmakers, diplomats, authors and journalists.”

The English-language  publication contains five sections:

Looking back, about reflections of the V4′s past – anything from hairstyles in the 80s to preparations on the EU membership

-Inside Visegrad, about the current debates on society, politics and economy in Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia

-Visegrad abroad, a window into the activities of  the V4 states and civil societies in the adjacent neighborhood, chiefly the Western Balkans and Eastern Europe, but also now moving toward the Middle East and North Africa.

-Visegrad for beginners, about first-hand Visegrad experiences of  non-Visegradians, and announcements on fellowship and internship opportunities in the V4.

-Now in Visegrad offers stream of updates on festivals, conferences and other social gatherings across the region.

Examples of articles that have appeared in the publication include “Nice One, Václav Havel!,” by György Konrád, a dissident writer, novelist and essayist; “Adam Bodnar: Poland Is No Longer Denying Existence of CIA Prisons,” by Patrycja Bukalska,  editor of the Polish weekly Tygodnik Powszechny; and “Slovakia and the EU Presidency in 2016,” by Peter Weiss, Slovakia’s ambassador to Hungary.

V4 Revue also publishes articles that appear in Visegrad Insight, a publication of Polish foundation Res Publica Nowa. The webzine is published with the support of the International Visegrad Fund.

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