iDEMO Institute for Democracy*, Zagreb, Croatia (iDEMO)

June 21, 2011

Ilica 73
10000 Zagreb

Contact Person: Director Simona Goldstein
Tel: +385 14855576
Fax: +385 14856459

(* Associate member)

iDEMO Institute for Democracy is a newly formed Croatian non-governmental organisation, which aims to encourage the development and advancement of democracy. It was created in response to the need for greater independent in-depth analysis of democratic processes and the complex issues associated with the promotion of democracy. As a result, iDEMO focuses its activities on research, advocacy, and the development of sound public policy.

While its principal focus is Croatia, iDEMO intends to create projects and extend its activities to other regions of the world, as need arises.

The primary goal of iDEMO is to trigger political, economic, and social paradigm shifts, increasing the overall prosperity of the region. In particular, iDEMO endeavours to forge a stronger link between the private, public and NGO sectors; to promote active civil society; to encourage socially responsible public and business sectors; and to build greater confidence in Croatian, European and multilateral institutions.

* Media
* Education
* Economic freedom and entrepreneurship
* Rule of law
* Transparency of political processes
* Decreased marginalisation of minority groups.

iDEMO hopes to obtain social, political, and economic change through the following actions:
* Promotion of progressive social, political and economic openness and inclusion
* Research of relevant and accessible information and analysis
* Advocating for greater transparency and inclusion in political processes
* Endorsement of a more socially responsible business sector
* Exerting pressure on national and multilateral governing bodies and institutions
* Pursuing educational activities and mobilisation of public resources
* Development and strengthening of civil society organisations and networks
* Monitoring and assessment of public processes and policies.

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