Latvia in the EU Ten Years Later: A Different Latvia?

May 30, 2014

Publisher: Centre for Public Policy PROVIDUS, Latvia

This Centre for Public Policy PROVIDUS report provides a comparative snapshot that shows how various social, political and economic indicators and statistics have changed in Latvia since the country joined the European Union ten years ago.

“In trying to establish if the changes have been for better or for worse, or whether they have taken place at all, we searched for comparisons in 10 different sectors, from foreign affairs to environment and energy,” the report’s introduction states. “This approach provides a bird’s eye view of the broader picture, which is sometimes missed in our daily rush or completely forgotten about.”

Among other things, the report found that there has been a sharp drop in serious crime and traffic offenses, air quality has improved, and that the business sector has become increasingly ‘green.’

Data and analysis for the report was provided by a host of Latvian think tanks and experts. The publication was funded by the Management Partnership between the European Commission and the government of Latvia. The goal of the partnership is to provide public information on the issues concerning the European Union.

Download: Latvia in the EU Ten Years Later: A Different Latvia?

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