Launch by European Institute, Sofia, of “Now – Interacting with the European Parliament!” communications campaign

May 3, 2008

News Source: European Institute, Sofia, Bulgaria

On the 50th anniversary of the European Parliament, marked on 19 March 2008, the European institute, together with the Center for Policy Modernization and Europe Gateway, and other partners, including PASOS, launched a large-scale communications project to stimulate the inclusion of European citizens and NGOs from 20 EU member states in a common public European debate.

The Project “Now – Interacting with the European Parliament!”, presented by the European Institute – Bulgaria, was approved for funding in the framework of the European Parliament Annual Grant Programme – 2008 through the Directorate-General for “Information” of the European Parliament. This project includes the implementation of various communications activities, corresponding to the annual priorities of the European Parliament. It also includes the development of an interactive information system.

The campaign aims to stimulate the inclusion of European citizens and NGOs from 20 EU member states in a common public European debate. This is an opportunity to look ahead to the new and bigger role evisaged for the European Parliament in the decision-making procedures of the EU upon ratification and subsequent implementation of The Lisbon Treaty. This necessitates the promotion of a better dialogue between the European Parliament and EU citizens, and improved functioning of EU institutions.
The campaign “Now – Interacting with the European Parliament!” is an internet project that includes the production and distribution of informational and analytical press materials on strategic issues releated to the activities of the European Parliament, as well as internet debates, and video chats with MEPs. In addition, radio programmes on the activities of the European Parliament will be prepared and broadcasat by Radio Bulgaria, RFI-Romania and radio Yvelines – France.

Through the project partners, the messages of the project will be distributed to the citizens of 20 different EU member states. The campaign will continue until the end of April 2009 when the final phrase of the preparations takes place for the next elections to the European Parliament.

Media partners of the campaign “NOW-Interacting with the European Parliament!” are Radio Bulgaria – BNR, RFI-Romania, and Radio Yvelines – France.

The European Institute‘s other partners on the project include the Poilcy Association for an Open Society (PASOS), Centre for European Political Studies (CEPS), Brussels, CHALLENGE Project network; and Balkan Communication Network (BCN) , and the Centre for Policy Modernization Foundation, Bulgaria.

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