Nikola Poposki: Civil society enhances Macedonia’s EU ascension process

November 13, 2012

Nikola Poposki

News Source: PASOS Secretariat, Czech Republic

Civil society actors have a major role to play in assisting Macedonia’s efforts to join the European Union, said Macedonian Foreign Minister Nikola Poposki at “Open Government, Deeper Democracy”, an international policymakers conference organized by the Center for Research and Policy Making (CRPM) and PASOS.

“My strong belief is that, with the start of the ascension negotiations … exposure to civil society representatives within the country will further increase and will clearly add a new element, which is the element of delivering concrete results, which are linked to fulfilling membership requirements,” said Poposki in a keynote speech delivered at the Skopje conference November 9.

Poposki said that ongoing negotiations between Macedonia and the EU are no longer a “two-way street,” and that it was incumbent upon his country to finish the process of meeting the EU’s expectations before it can enter the union. At the conference, leading think-tanks gathered to discuss national and international policies, including EU policies, on a range of issues facing the Western Balkans and other transition regions, while building on EU new member-states’ experience of democratic transition and EU integration to debate transition know-how with think-tanks from EU’s neighboring regions.

The event was made possible with support from the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Macedonia, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, the Robert Bosch Foundation, the Balkan Trust for Democracy, Open Society Foundations, and the Think Tank Fund of Open Society Foundations.

A video of Poposki’s full speech can be viewed in the video below.

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