Membership Benefits

Why join PASOS?

PASOS membership and PASOS meetings facilitate:

> networking with other think-tanks in the PASOS region or working on the PASOS region, enabling exchange of ideas, and conceiving and implementing joint projects

> network-wide action on promoting core values of democracy and human rights, which remain under threat in much of CEE and Central Asia

> Access to members’ exclusive website, complete with donor news, opportunities for fellowships, and a chance to upload your news to other think-tanks and partners/donors

> Further showcasing of your new policy publications and events via the PASOS website and electronic newsletters – and (coming soon) PASOS blogs.

> Participation in international joint projects, around which PASOS is building a unique set of quality standards for think-tank work

> Access to training and mentoring programmes for think-tanks, matching expertise of experienced think-tanks and external trainers with needs of newer, emerging institutes

> Contacts with key donors, e.g. OSI, and other partners/international think-tank players, e.g. GMF, CEPS, others

> Shaping EU-wide debates/policy agenda, e.g. 2008 conference ahead of Czech EU Presidency, or Western Balkans visa liberalisation project, or engagement with European Commission on Eastern Partnership civil society forum.

Why pay the membership fee?

> Preferential rates/fees for PASOS workshops and training, including subsidised travel to annual international think-tanks’ meeting (PASOS Assembly)

> Gain a voice in setting strategic directions of PASOS, and electing Board of Directors

> Access to apply for PASOS calls for tenders, when PASOS re-grants donor funding for PASOS members’ projects, or invites PASOS members to join PASOS cross-border projects

> Close co-operation from PASOS Secretariat on developing international project proposals, including partner search and proposal-writing, where PASOS leadership/partnership adds value to the proposal

> Participation in international advocacy meetings, e.g. with EU policymakers, facilitated by PASOS Secretariat and Board

> Promotion of your institute’s publications through PASOS website and PASOS electronic newsletters and (coming soon) PASOS blogs.

PASOS is a network of 50 independent think-tanks and individuals spanning more than 26 countries in Europe and Central Asia.


PASOS aims to promote and protect democracy, human rights and open society values – including the rule of law, good governance, and economic and social development – by supporting civil society organisations that individually and jointly foster public participation in public policy issues at the European Union level, in other European and global structures, and in the wider neighbourhood of Europe and Central Asia.


PASOS is funded with the support of the Open Society Institute, and a variety of other sources, including the European Commission, the International Visegrad Fund, the Czech-Polish Forum, the European Parliament, and annual membership fees paid by the PASOS members.


PASOS was a member of the founding committee of the European Partnership for Democracy (EPD), and currently an associate partner of EPD, and on the Advisory Board of the UN Human Development Policy Network (Europe and CIS), an initiative of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) regional office for Europe and the CIS.

PASOS also serves on the steering committee of DECIM (Donor Exchange Co-ordination and Information Mechanism), a joint initiative of the European Commission and the World Bank focusing on donor support to civil society in Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

PASOS is a member of the Central Eastern European University Network – Transition Studies World Applied Research (CEEUN-TSWAR), Venice. PASOS also serves on the Editorial Advisory Board of Europe’s World, a quarterly policy journal published by Friends of Europe.

How to become a PASOS member:

To be eligible for PASOS membership, an organisation should accept the PASOS mission and goals, share and promote open society values, and not be related to any political party or political movement. The organisation must have been in existence for at least two years and have established a credible reputation in public policy as determined by the Board of PASOS.

To apply, the applicant should submit to the Board (via the Executive Director):

1. An application supported by the written recommendation of at least two members (as listed at demonstrating the reputation and the credible track record in public policy of the applicant.

2. A copy of the applicant organisation’s charter (including a version or summary in English), together with mission and key projects/research areas (e.g. Annual Report)

There is an annual membership fee of EUR 500, as determined by the founding General Assembly.

PASOS is a membership organisation, where the members have voting rights and elect the Board of Directors every two years. In addition to full members with voting rights, the PASOS statutes also include provision for Associate Members and for Individual Membership.

For further information, contact PASOS Executive Director Jeff Lovitt at