Parliamentary Oversight and Integrity Building in Security Institutions

September 18, 2014

belgrade_centre_for_security_policy_belgrade_serbia_articlethumbnailPublisher: Belgrade Centre for Security Policy, Serbia

Belgrade Centre for Security Policy researchers Katarina Djokic and Vladimir Erceg analyze the role of the Serbian Parliament in the oversight of those aspects of security institutions where the corruption risks are particularly prominent: budgeting and management of finance, public procurements, material resources management, human resources management, application of special procedures and measures for secret intelligence gathering.

The initial overview of the Parliament’s activities in this area indicates that the Parliament, as an external oversight actor, is yet to get involved effectively in the fight against corruption and integrity building in security institutions, according to the analysis.

The publication was made possible by the support of the United States Agency for International Development under the “Civil Society Forward” program, implemented by the Institute for Sustainable Communities (ISC), within the project “Partnership for Integrity in Security Sector in Serbia.”

Download: Parliamentary Oversight and Integrity Building in Security Institutions

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