PASOS Annual Report 2006

September 23, 2007

Publisher: PASOS Secretariat, Czech Republic

The PASOS Annual Report 2006 highlights the activities of PASOS in 2006, including training events, conferences and PASOS members’ joint projects. The report includes income and expenditure for 2006, year-end assets and liabilities, and the independent auditor’s report.

Highlights included:

Strengthening Cross-Border Policy Making, a PASOS policy centres’ conference, Istanbul, 18-20 October 2006

Training in Writing Policy Papers to Influence Decision-Making (English language), Warsaw, 21-22 September 2006

Training in Writing Policy Papers to Influence Decision-Making (Russian language), Istanbul, 22-23 October 2006

PASOS members’ joint projects in 2006:

Evaluation of Progress on Commitments to Local Government Reform in South-East Europe

Support to Promotion of Reciprocal Understanding of Relations and Dialogue between the European Union and the Western Balkans

Save Public Assets

Strategic Overview of Armed Violence Data Collection and Analysis Mechanisms (South Eastern Europe)

Analysing and Debating the Future of EU Enlargement – Enlargement Roadshows in the Czech Republic, Latvia and Poland

European Prospects of Ukraine and Turkey

Improving the Procedure of Immigration Policy Implementation in Ukraine. The EU Experience in Executing Readmission Agreements

Model for Public Oversight of Healthcare Spending

Study Programme for Young Russian Public Policy Analysts

Study Programme for Moldovan Public Policy Analysts

Sharing Experience of NGOs and Journalists as Important Stakeholders in the EU Accession Process

Friendly EU Border

PASOSAnnual_Report2006.pdf (3.51 MB)

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