PASOS Annual Report 2010

November 29, 2011

Publisher: PASOS Secretariat, Czech Republic

The PASOS annual report for 2010 includes a look back at a year of challenging, but positive transition and successful modernisation for PASOS and its members.

The network continued to grow, adding five new members. A new awards programme was launched to promote excellence in policy analysis by independent thinktanks. Two major PASOS initiatives were started. PASOS hosted two highly regarded seminars on communications for think-tanks, and embarked on a
major push to revamp the network’s communications and Internet strategies.

Looking ahead at the number of joint-member projects underway in 2011, it  is clear that the network’s members continue to to deepen their co-operation with their peers. Many of these projects also involve the participation of the PASOS Secretariat.

PASOS and its members are ready to face the many policy challenges in their countries. And as Europe’s neighbours to the south begin their first steps along the path of democratic transition, the lessons in the PASOS region – both successes and failures – can serve to share our mission, as we embrace opportunities for PASOS and its members to draw on their experience and expertise to assist transition in the Middle East and elsewhere.

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