PASOS launches online database of experts

August 1, 2012

News Source: PASOS Secretariat, Czech Republic

Drawing up on the large number and variety of experts in the PASOS network of think tanks, the association has launched a searchable online database of public policy experts.

The database, which can be accessed here, features more than 270 experts from the network’s 56 members. The database can searched by country, area of expertise, and keywords.

“Members of the network have told us that the print version of the PASOS experts listings has been a much appreciated resource, such as when searching for a partner for a project,” said PASOS Communications Manager Alfredo Azula. “The electronic version of this resource will enable our members to search for and find other experts more swiftly and efficiently, and with additional information about the targeted experts.”

In addition to providing a listing and contact information about an expert, a search on the database generates a list of any articles on the PASOS website that mention the expert.

PASOS also expects the database to a valuable resource for journalists and researchers who need to find a expert on a given topic, Azula said.

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