PASOS delegates elect four new board members at annual Assembly

November 13, 2012

News Source: PASOS Secretariat, Czech Republic

Representatives of PASOS organizations gathering at the association’s annual Assembly in Skopje elected four new members to the network’s Board of Directors on November 10.

The four new board members are:

Neža Kogovšek Šalamon, director of the Peace Institute in Slovenia, a PASOS member. Šalamon worked for the Legal Information Centre of Non-governmental Organizations – PIC in Ljubljana, and for the international non-governmental organization Human Rights Watch in New York. She is a member of the European network of legal experts in the anti-discrimination field, European network of immigration law practitioners (MigNet), European commission on sexual orientation law (ECSOL) and Odysseus academic network of experts in the field of asylum and migration. She is also a member of the Ethics Committee of the Association of Journalists of Slovenia.

Darina Ch. Kadunkova, a Sofia-based Development/Civil Society consultant, and founder of Kadunkovs & Associates Ltd. She was a member of the founding Board of Directors of PASOS, and continued as a member of the Board from 2004-2008. She started her development career at the Open Society Institute in Bulgaria. After the launch of official EU accession negotiations, she worked on projects related to Bulgaria’s EU accession for the European Institute, a Bulgarian think-tank and member of PASOS. In 2008, she founded Kadunkovs & Associates, where as Managing Partner she provides legal counselling and business development services to various individual, profit, non-profit, and public clients. Since April 2010, she has also been working with the Centre for Economic Development (CED), a PASOS member in Bulgaria. She was the first individual to be named as an Associate Member of PASOS.

Andrew Cartwright, a Research Fellow at the Central European University’s Center for Policy Studies, a PASOS member in Hungary. At CEU, Cartwright has been involved in research on the rural transition in several post-socialist countries, including the development of private land ownership in Mongolia, emerging land markets in Ukraine and Kazakhstan, rural civil society in Romania, the implementation of the EU’s cohesion policy in rural Hungary and most recently, the implications of demographic changes for rural land use in central and eastern Europe. He has been involved in promoting public policy teaching and research at CEU, mentoring on the Open Society Institute’s International Policy Fellowship  program, teaching Rural Development Policy since 2005 and mentoring MA and PhD students. He is the editor of the Policy Documentation Center  which is one of the largest online collections of policy papers from the former socialist countries.

Piotr Kaźmierkiewicz, a policy analyst at the Institute of Public Affairs in Warsaw, a member of the PASOS network of think-tanks. A political scientist, graduate of Southern Oregon University and Central European University, he is author and editor of publications related to European development policy, East European migration trends and policy, relations between the EU and Eastern Partnership states, and future EU enlargement. He is a policy analysis trainer and consultant with a record of collaboration with PASOS, Open Society Foundations, the European Commission, the United Nations Development Programme, and the International Organization for Migration. He has written and co-written numerous publications for PASOS, including The Road to an Open Europe and The Right Approach to Europe. An Advocacy Handbook for Civil Society: Understanding and Influencing EU Policymaking.

After the elections, the new Board selected Linda Austere to be the new Chair of the Board. Šalamon was named Deputy Chair, and Kadunkova was named Treasurer.

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