PASOS project poll: Most Kosovars say their elected officials should reveal personal assets

June 10, 2015

aogLess than one-quarter of Kosovars believe that members of their parliament and local assemblies have a right to keep information about personal assets confidential, according to the results of a Riinvest Insitute poll conducted as part of a PASOS project.

“It is defined by law that public officials have to declare all their property to the Agency Against Corruption (AAC),” notes the Riinvest report that accompanies the polling data. “As of now, to authors’ knowledge, none of the public officials refused to fulfil this obligation, which indicates that Kosovo citizens in general do not perceive it as a damaging act affecting the privacy of individuals.”

The polling was conducted as part of Advocacy for Open Government, an EU-funded project to encourage governments in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia to become more transparent.

The polling also found that:

  • The Kosovo Force (KFOR), NATO’s peacekeeping mission in Kosovo, now ranks as the country’s most-trusted public institution, overtaking the media, which was the top-ranked institution in poll conducted last year.
  • The majority of respondents — about 73 percent — say that too much negative publicity on government actions makes Kosovo vulnerable and discourages foreign investments.
  • A much lower percentage, roughly 43 percent, believe that civil servants who leak classified information on government actions should be punished. “This indicates that majority of Kosovo citizens (around 57 percent) seek for a government that does not make any compromise with radical transparency,” the report states.
  • Around 46 percent of respondents believe that public hearings are merely formal events and have hardly any impact on decisions made by municipal officials.

Download: Public Opinion Poll

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