PASOS seminar in Cairo marks first foray into Egypt

October 11, 2011

Marija Risteska, CRPM, in Cairo

News Source: PASOS Secretariat, Czech Republic

“Women’s Rights in Egypt: What now?,” a seminar on policy analysis and research, and policy advocacy, marked the first PASOS project to take place in Egypt. Held in Cairo on 28 September 2011, the seminar introduced the PASOS network to representatives of Egyptian NGOs. Two experts from the Center for Research and Policy Making in Macedonia also made presentations.

The seminar was part of the PASOS project “Linking change-makers in the Middle East & North Africa with democratic reformers of post-communist (Central and Eastern) Europe” and was held in cooperation with NAZRA for Feminist Studies, an Eygptian civil society group.

“The project will link civic groups with experience of the policy process of democratic transformation in Central and Eastern Europe with Egyptian civil society engaged in securing democratic structures,” said Jeff Lovitt, executive director of PASOS. “It aims to facilitate the establishment of joint projects between PASOS members and Egyptian civil society.”

Lovitt introduced the gathering of about 25 participants to the PASOS network, and spoke about the various opportunities for cooperation on gender policy and other issues of importance during transition from authoritarian rule to a freer, democratic Egypt.

The seminar also included a presentation by Marija Risteska, Executive Director of CRPM, and fellow CRPM policy analyst Ana Mickovska-Raleva. They spoke on policy analysis, research, and advocacy.

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