Riinvest Institute for Development Research, Prishtine, Kosovo (Riinvest Institute)

June 21, 2011
Riinvest LogoRiinvest Institute for Development Research 
Lidhja e Prizrenit No. 42
10000 Prishtina
Republic of Kosova
Contact Person: Antigona Uka
e-mail: antigona.uka@riinvestinstitute.org
Tel: + 381 (0) 38 244 320; 223 816
Cel: + 377 (0) 44 542 911
Web: http://www.riinvestinstitute.org
Media Contact: Ylli Tafarshiku
e-mail: riinvest@riinvestinstitute.org
Tel: + 381 (0) 38 244 320; 223 816
Cel: + 377 (0) 44 542 911
Web: http://www.riinvestinstitute.org

Riinvest Institute for Development Research began operations in May 1995 as a private non-profit research organisation. Its mission is to promote the modern economic development of Kosovo based on the philosophy of entrepreneurship. Forging partnerships and alliances through “Forum 2015″ (a joint initiative of Riinvest and Kosova Open Society Foundation), Riinvest has co-operated with different sectors of society in Kosovo, as well as with different international organisations and partners. Riinvest’s research activities and other services are based on international standards.

Riinvest has established good co-operation with different stakeholders, such as the Government of Kosovo, UNMIK, and the business and civil sectors, in order to conduct appropriate research activities.


• Economic Studies and Analyses

• SME Development

• Local Economic Development

• Market Research

• Consultation on Privatisation and post-Privatisation

• Business and Management Education

• Consulting

• Advocacy

• Business Plans and Feasibility Studies


KCBS/ USAID: Forest Industry – Challenges of Development and Balanced Use, 15 August – 18 January 2008

Millennium Development Goals – MDGs

Kosova Emigration Challenges and Diaspora – Socioeconomic, Organisational and Institutional Aspects (2006-2007)

GTZ-GmbH: “Modernisation of Municipal services” (2006-2007)

National Strategy and Development Plan 2007-2013 (2006)

Improving the Corporate Governance Framework and Transparency in Publicly Owned Enterprises in Kosova (2006)

DELTA III Project (2006-2007)

Fiscal Culture (December 2005)

Economic Viability in Kosova (2005)

DELTA II Project (2004-2005)

Cost evaluation for implementing the Standards for Kosova (July- December 2004)

Technical assistance for the project “Kosova Business Initiative” (July-August 2004)

Spatial Development of Kosova 2004-2015 (UN-HABITAT and MESP)

Labor Market study for Aguerre International – Washington (2004)

Riinvest Summer School on Economics (2004)

Riinvest Summer School on Entrepreneurship (2004)

DELTA Project (2002-2005) DELTA Project – Pilot Phase (2001-2003)

Riinvest Summer Schools (2003/2004) – Riinvest

Summer School in Entrepreneurship (2003),

Riinvest Summer School in Economics (2003)

Training Programme for Environmental Protection (2002)

Business Education Network in Kosova (1999/2000)

Annual surveys with SMEs (1997, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002)

Early Warning System for Kosova (EWS) (2002-present)

Execution of civil courts decisions (2002)

Promoting Economic Development through Civil Society – Phase II (2002-2004)

Survey with 192 Socially Owned Enterprises (2001)

Obstacles for trade, development, investment and competition (2001)

Building up Local Government Institutions (1999-2000)

Assessment of Training Needs for Local Officials in Kosova (2000)

Report on assessment of human rights of children in Kosova (2000)

Post-war Renewal and Reconstruction of Kosova (Strategy and Policies) (1999/2000)

Promoting Economic Development through Civil Society – Phase I (2000-2002)

SME credit demands (2000)

Economic System and Development Strategy (1997-1998)

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