Security Alert on the EU’s Doorstep

June 28, 2016

cipddPublisher: Caucasus Institute for Peace, Democracy and Development, Georgia

Governments of the Eastern Partnership countries need to acknowledge that they must overhaul their governance systems, which pose an existential threat, according to this Caucasus Institute for Peace, Democracy and Development (CIPDD) paper.

“They should bring their security policies and command and control structures in line with NATO standards and norms,” the analysis states. “They will receive more assistance from external actors if they place even greater emphasis on strengthening their democratic credentials through zero tolerance for corruption.”

The recommendation is one of four included in the report, which was written by Ghia Nodia, CIPDD Chair; Jan Pieklo, director of fellow PASOS member the Polish-Ukrainian Cooperation Foundation; and former PASOS Executive Director Jeff Lovitt, now director of New Diplomacy.

The other key recommendations state that:

  • Civil Society in the Eastern Partnership countries should build expertise in the security field, and should participate as an “added value” expert partner in the new Eastern Partnership Platform on Common Security and Defence Policy.
  • The European Union can become an even more valued partner to NATO by issuing a declaration to the Warsaw Summit, committing EU members to support the strengthening of NATO’s Eastern flank.
  • NATO will have a much greater understanding of imminent threats, and earlier warning, if it focuses strongly on its Eastern flank and drafts plans for closer co-operation with the Eastern Partnership countries.

The paper is one of seven reports that assess the security challenges facing NATO, the European Union, and the Eastern Partnership countries themselves, and the need to balance deterrence with engagement vis-à-vis Russia and, more importantly, for NATO to work closely with Georgia, Ukraine and other post-Soviet countries – to strengthen security for all through defence and deterrence.

DownloadSecurity Alert on the EU’s Doorstep: Strategies for Strengthening Security in the Eastern Partnership Countries

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