Serbia after the Opening of Negotiations on Chapter 24

August 5, 2016

pointpulseSerbia need to achieve full harmonization with the best European practices in the area of justice, freedom and security by 2020, writes Belgrade Security for Security Policy analyst Bojan Elek.

“By harmonising with the European acquis communautaire contained and the best practices contained in Chapter 24, Serbia will be able to become a part of the European security community,” says Elek, in a article written for the POINTPULSE network’s online magazine.

“Nowadays, when the security threats know no state boundaries and, to a great extent, push to the limits the national state’s ability to tackle them, cooperation is the only way to achieve results. By implementing reforms under Chapter 24, citizens may expect a number of positive changes.”

Read the full article here.

POINTPULSE is a network of seven CSOs. It was created with the goal to monitor the state of police integrity in law enforcement agencies and advocate for policy changes for tackling the police corruption.



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