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"Western Balkans Dialogue" helps build a 'stronger region' (+video)“Western Balkans Dialogue” helps build a ‘stronger region’ (+video)

September 17, 2015

The regional cooperation on display at the first “Western Balkans Dialogue” is an essential component of efforts to build a stronger and more secure region, according to a U.S. diplomat who spoke at the IDM event.

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EU official: PASOS network a partner in union's integration efforts (+video)EU official: PASOS network a partner in union’s integration efforts (+video)

October 23, 2013

PASOS and other networks are components in the European Union’s efforts to integrate with the Western Balkans and Turkey, according to an EU official who spoke at the association’s annual international conference.

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Wider and Closer: A PASOS international conferenceWider and Closer: A PASOS international conference

September 24, 2013

Registration has opened for “Wider and Closer,” a PASOS international conference for think tanks and policymakers to be held October 17 in Brussels. The event is the largest annual gathering of independent think-tanks in Europe.

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