Turkish-Russian Energy Rapprochement: What it means for Ukraine

September 25, 2012

Publisher: International Centre for Policy Studies, Ukraine

Today, energy draws the lines that divide and unite on the global power map. This makes the emerging Turkish-Russian energy partnership potentially a strategic challenge to Ukraine, as it could undermine Ukraine’s unique geopolitical position in the long run, according to this ICPS analysis.

But at the same time, Ukraine could benefit from greater cooperation with Turkey, following the famously “multi-vector” foreign policy approach once associated with President Leonid Kuchma. This kind of cooperation could diminish Russia’s geopolitical energy leverage in Eurasia, particularly over Ukraine and Turkey, who remain very dependent on Russian energy supplies to this day.

If this partnership materializes, Kyiv and Ankara should also be able to accelerate their European integration process, writes analyst Eşref Yalinkiliçli.

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