Ukraine’s European integration: between mayhem and opportunity

December 3, 2013

Now that Ukraine’s European integration is under threat, there is a serious danger that democracy will be further undermined in the country, according to this commentary co-written by International Centre for Policy Studies (ICPS) analyst Vasyl Filipchuk.

Filipchuk, a senior advisor with ICPS, and Amanda Paul, a policy analyst at the European Policy Centre, write that Ukraine needs the support of the European Union more than ever as it is is gripped in turmoil sparked by the country’s official rejection of an Association Agreement with the EU.

“It is not enough to simply criticise the Ukrainian authorities for excessive use of force; the EU needs to maintain a proactive dialogue with the Ukrainian leadership, encouraging Yanukovych to continue with his declared goal of European integration, reiterating that the Association Agreement is still on the table, while also showing solidarity and support for those who are protesting and pushing for change,” according to the paper.

“The EU needs to be visible and active at the highest possible level, including at the forthcoming OSCE Ministerial meeting at the end of this week. After all, if Ukraine implodes into chaos as a result of an attempt to move closer to the EU, it will bring further into question the ability of the Union to act in its direct neighbourhood.”

Download: Ukraine’s European integration: between mayhem and opportunity

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