Vita Tērauda named new Executive Director of PASOS (+video)

August 11, 2015
Vita Tērauda

Vita Tērauda

News Source: PASOS Secretariat, Czech Republic

Vita Tērauda, who was the chair of the first PASOS Board of Directors, has been named the Executive Director of the network of think tanks.

Tērauda will be taking over from Jeff Lovitt, who has stepped down after 10 years as the network’s first executive director.

“It’s an opportunity to come back and work with people that I’ve been colleagues with for years, and to work with an organization that exists today because a number of think tanks ten years ago had a vision,” Tērauda said. “This vision is a reality today, and is a success story, and I can hope that the next chapter will also be considered a success story by the next person.”

Tērauda was on the PASOS Board of Directors from 2004-2008, where she served as Chair. From 2002-13, she was the director of the Centre for Public Policy PROVIDUS, a Latvian think thank that was part of a group of policy centers that came together in 2004 to found PASOS.

Tērauda was the executive director of the Soros Foundation Latvia (1996-2003), and served a term as Latvia’s Minister of State Reform (1994-1995), when she headed up the post-Soviet transformation of the executive branch of government.

“I think the organization needs to be a value added to its members, and I would hope to add that the value added would come in helping members achieve impact,” she said. “PASOS can provide opportunities to work together. PASOS can also be helpful to those organizations that want to broadcast louder than their own national capitals.”

Tērauda listed three areas that she hopes PASOS members will have an opportunity to focus on: increasing media literacy in light of Russian propaganda; migration; and helping Ukraine’s efforts to achieve European integration.

“PASOS is still extremely relevant to moving policy debate in Europe and regions and circles that are out of national contexts,” she said. “PASOS is a way for national think tanks to work with each other and to get their voices heard.”

In the video interview below, Tērauda outlines her vision for the organization as it moves into its second decade.

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