Webinar: Corporate Governance as a Tool for Promoting Transparency (+video)

June 13, 2016

aogThe Riinvest Institute for Development Research organized this June 10 webinar on the topic of ‘Corporate Governance as a Tool for Promoting Transparency.’

The webinar is part of Advocacy for Open Government, an EU-funded project to encourage governments in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia to become more transparent.

Alban Hashani, a Riinvest senior researcher and lecturer on economics and entrepreneurship, is the presenter.

The purpose of this webinar is to present and discuss the following points:

1. Importance of Corporate Governance in promoting transparency in private and public sector
2. Legal and institutional set-up of establishing and enforcing sound Corporate Governance in Publicly Owned Enterprises
3. Corporate Governance as a tool of promoting democratic and accountable ways of exercising ownership right by the government.

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