Webinar: The benefits and challenges of e-procurement: EU perspective (+video)

October 21, 2016

aogThe Center for Social Research Analitika held this October 20 webinar on “The benefits and challenges of e-procurement: EU perspective,” as part of a PASOS project on open government.

The webinar is designed for decision-makers, public officials, and representatives of civil society who are actively engaged in advocacy for open government.

E-procurement is the term used to describe the use of electronic methods, typically over the Internet, to conduct transactions between contracting authorities and bidders within the public procurement process. E-procurement is also an important segment of e-government reform within the European Union.

This webinar aims to present:

-The main principles and standards of e-procurement
-The advantages of e-procurement in relation to „traditional“ procurement
-Good practices in establishing e-procurement systems European Union countries

Presenter: Ivan Kutleša, public procurement expert

The webinar is part of Advocacy for Open Government, an EU-funded PASOS project, aimed at encouraging governments in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia to become more transparent, accountable and engaging of citizens.

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